Unity and Variety in Stonehenge

The Stonehenge is possibly the most famous prehistoric monument filled with unity of rocks with a variety of sizes dating back all the way to the B.C  ages.

       Fun facts Its construction was a 1,500 year project.
                           Some of the monuments stones may have traveled 150 miles.

Through the years the monument has seen a variety of changes through its existence . The Stonehenge is a great example of radial balance, which is any type of balance based on a circle with its design extending from

Stonehenge, Salisbury Plain (Wiltshire),England, c. 2ooo bce.

the center. A full scale of all the monument would be incredible because the rocks range from 10 to 40 ft making most people seem fragile. There is overlapping in most pictures because some rocks usually tend to cross in the path of the other structures . From many point of the views the actual texture of this monument is rough and hard.

This is what the original scale model of the Stonehenge would’ve looked like:


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