Man, Controller of the Universe

manuniversemural-blog (1)

Diego Rivera, Man, Controller of the universe, 1934.

-Diego Rivera

The painting made by Rivera’s point of view is that ” Man must steer his course between the evils of capitalist and the virtues of communism” like Diego Rivera appears to be saying, since Nelson A. Rockefeller insisted that he remove it. In order for the painting to look realistic it has to involve details and specifics which is why the painting includes visual texture. In the center of the painting there stands a man where he is positioned with a microscope in his hand which falls into vantage point. In the back of the man there is two ellipses of light that emanate from him. One is depicting the cosmos, and the other the microscopic world. the two ellipses eventually meet, this is considered a horizon line. Diego Rivera uses the color peach repetitively and uses different types of tones for the shadow that are considered as tone. The painting encourages comparisons between both of the sides. It’s showing the point across by showing how the soldiers are going against the civil people who are on the opposite side this is where content comes in place. On one side of the painting there’s more of something than there is on the other side, so that means that in both sides two things or more are different also known as contrast. For example, like the statue of the man on the left side has a head, while the other statue doesn’t.


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