The Burial of Count Organz

El Greco, The Burial of Count Organz, 1586.

The Burial of Count Organz is a painting by  El Greco in 1586. The theme of the painting is inspired from a legend of the beginning of the 14th century. This painting is divided into two emphasis/focal point parts; the top section heaven is evoked by swirling icy clouds and in the section below everything is normal in the scale and proportions of the figures. In the top section the clouds have parted to receive a man into paradise. Christ in white and in glory is the crowning point of the triangle formed by the figures of Madonna and Saint John the baptist. The two sections are brought together by an implied line in the middle, there is figures, torches, and crosses that help both earthly and heavenly sections look like one piece. Saints Augustine and Stephen are both painted in warm colors, their vestments are red and gold making it perfect to blend in with the rest of the figures and the cool colors of the background. El Greco’s son is included in the left side of the painting, and in the handkerchief of the son’s pocket is the artist signature and the date, 1578, the boy’s birth year. The artist himself can be seen in the painting above the raised hand of one of the mourners immediately above the head of Saint Stephen. The painting has a harmony that is incredibly rich, expressive, radiant,and it almost looks photorealistic. The artist was successful in this painting by eliminating any description of space and rather working with positive space. 


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